mixed use in heritage area

de waterkant, completed 2015

extensive alteration + extension for residential / mixed use


frosted glazing onto common passage with decorative security screen of lasercut steel

dining / kitchen / court

existing basement + raised rear beadroom levels were integrated with a split level court + link


lightweight steel + timber stairs up to the roof deck through an automated sliding rooflight

basement en-suite bedroom

en-suite bathroom detail

kitchen / court / suite

glazed sliding + pocket sliding doors open up the interior spaces to the courtyard



court / suites

the two main bedroom suites open onto the court

upper suite / bridge

the detailing of the steel staircase reflects the client's original industrial light fittings, furniture + artworks

upper suite / bridge

upper suite

an open double shower stretches behind the headboard, with basins at either end

upper suite / court / upper living

upper living / court

guest suite / study / upper living

sliding steel frosted glazed doors allow the space to open onto the living area when not used as a bedroom

guest suite / study

guest suite